renews its cutting lines for float and laminated glass


ACRISTALAMIENTOS VINUESA SA began in 1967 in Soria, Spain, with 5 brothers who, after many years of experience in the glass industry, took the opportunity to found their own company. Their products include flat glass, printed glass, decorative glass, safety glass and manufactured glass for both professional and private customers.

Since 1990 VINUESA has been a licensed manufacturer of the SGG Climalit (Insulating Double Glazing) insulating glass brand, whose cutting process is managed entirely by TUROMAS machinery, VINUESA’s supplier since its origins.

“Although we had other options from manufacturers of machines we already had in other processes, the cutting tables from the beginning have been TUROMAS,” said Felipe Parra, director of ACRISTALAMIENTOS VINUESA. “They have always been very responsive to our needs, providing us with full support and exceptional after-sales service and that is very important to us.”

Felipe Parra, director of Acristalamientos Vinuesa next to the new LAM506SX cutting line

The increased demand for products with high performance, larger dimensions and higher thicknesses led the company leaders to realise that the machinery they had was obsolete. In addition, new machines are faster and produce with a higher quality and precision that is transferred to the rest of the edging, seaming and washing processes. These factors motivated them to renew both cutting lines; the RUBI 516C for float glass cutting and the LAM 506SX for laminated glass cutting.

Vinuesa workers with the new LAM 506SX

On the RUBI 516C, an extra software – Cutting TV – was installed to assist in the process of opening cuts. It automatically displays the optimisations so that, at a glance, the operator has all the information needed for the cutting process. Once the cutting table has evacuated the workpiece, the display changes automatically without the need to operate any buttons or foot pedals.

New RUBI 516C cutting line

Meanwhile the LAM 506SX was integrated with a second cutting bridge – LAM 304 – to speed up processing. For this purpose, a defragmenter for cross-cutting optimisations was installed on the second line to distribute cuts and keep the two tables productive at the same time.