365 Days of Grenzebach World

“365 Days of Grenzebach World” – a dynamic experience

According to the VDMA , in 2019 the mechanical and plant engineering industry in Germany spent a total of 8.2 billion EUR on research and development. Grenzebach also continues to focus on innovations. For example, with its new 365 Days of Grenzebach World at the headquarters in Hamlar.

The permanent showroom brings together Grenzebach technologies and innovations from all business units in one place. It is a dynamic and lively meeting and learning centre that brings technology to life, gives space for new testing and development projects, offers a holistic experience and is continuously evolving.

The “365 Days of Grenzebach World” aims to make technology tangible and offers an exciting experience to all those interested. The design of this all-year showroom is both dynamic and vital and will continually be growing and developing. Guests can look forward to different exhibits and innovations from all the business segments.

The name says it all: In the future, the experience centre will be open throughout the year, on-site and digitally. Virtual and real tours on-site, changing Grenzebach exhibits and use cases, as well as accompanying online seminars will all make up the “365 Days if Grenzebach World”.

Virtual tours, online seminars or customer meetings are planned. Thus, the 365 of days Grenzebach World will be open all year round, on-site or digitally.

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