Somec and Mappi, excellence Made in Italy

Somec and Mappi symbolize the best qualities of Made in Italy

Somec represents a clear example of what the world associates with the ideals of ​​Made in Italy: resourcefulness, passion for innovation, taste for beauty and relentless pursuit of perfection.
All this can be found in the growth of a company that, founded in 1978 in Italy in the Treviso province, today is mainly aimed at foreign markets. With prestigious orders ranging from Boston to Shanghai, almost following the routes of the large cruise ships for which Somec creates windows and fittings, its core business. Additionally, the company designs and constructs façades and external fittings, particularly in the USA.

Somec has found in Mappi a partner who shares its objectives and approach. Mappi, one of the world leaders in the design and construction of tempering furnaces, has based its growth on the pursuit of excellence, on the desire to go beyond standards. Mappi seek partnerships based on this same pursuit of excellence, as with Siemens, to deal with the needs and projects of market leaders, as Somec undoubtedly is.

The meeting point between Mappi and Somec was an ATS 4.0 tempering furnace, the spearhead of the Mappi range, a machine that has received unconditional appreciation from the glass industry for the constant quality of the tempered glass produced, its ease of use, simplicity in management and maintenance, great reliability, as well as for extremely low energy consumption and full compatibility with MindSphere and with all Siemens management applications that make it the perfect solution for those who seek Industry 4.0 not only in the future, but in the present.
The new furnace is an ATS 4.0 2.500×5.000. This, like all new generation Mappi furnaces, is equipped with the GHBS Xtreme Profile Convection System, a system that significantly improves the performance of the furnace in terms of quality and increased production.

Thanks to its size and versatility, this furnace is particularly suitable for the tempering of flat glass to be used for outfitting large cruise ships that, almost like floating skyscrapers, have large glass surfaces. With perfect flatness, they are ideal for reflecting or filtering the sun of the seas around the world and acting as ambassadors of what Made in Italy means when two companies united by the same passion combine their skills.