Bormioli Pharma Delta containers for a COVID-19 vaccine

Bormioli Pharma alongside the pharma value chain to ensure availability of containers for a COVID-19 vaccine

website maker During the Covid-19 emergency, Bormioli Pharma’s factories never stopped, continuing to operate to ensure the supply of packaging to the pharma value chain. Indeed, packaging is a fundamental element for any essential industry; this is even more true for the pharma supply chain, especially in times of pandemic.

Today, while scientists all over the world are looking for a vaccine to definitively defeat COVID-19, packaging plays an equally fundamental role, allowing the drug product safety and its availability around the world.

For this reason, Bormioli Pharma is playing its role, guaranteeing the availability of the containers – made of the highest quality Type I Glass, Delta – through a particularly significant effort.

Delta represents the most advanced packaging solution on the market for vaccines. Delta is highly chemical resistant, also to aggressive drug formulations, thus minimizing the issue of delamination and ensuring the patient’s safety. The product has been designed to be also mechanically resistant and to reduce in-line breakages, while guaranteeing a high resistance to thermal shocks. This feature makes Delta highly recommended for vaccines, and parenteral drugs which production process requires lyophilization as well as low temperature transport.

For all these reasons, Bormioli Pharma makes available 250,000 bottles free of charge for research centres. Considering that each of these containers is capable of hosting 40 doses of vaccine, the donation covers 10 million doses, i.e. the entire population of Lombardy.

The bottles, already stored, will be sent free of charge to privately and publicly-funded R&D centres that are working on the formulation and production of the vaccine.

In the next future, thanks to the relentless efforts of these months, Bormioli Pharma will be ready to support its partners in the global supply chain with an availability of containers up to about 4 billion doses per year.

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