PCR glass: in the wake of Verescence, more glassmakers enter the loop


The NEO Infinite Glass bottle produced by Verescence for Bvlgari Man Wood Essence

Verescence was the first glassmaker to offer with Infini, in 2008 (at the time SGD) recycled glass (up to 25 percent), from household glass recovery. Since then, the glassmaker has increased the quality of recycled glass with its Infini Neo version in 2015 resulting from a more selective recovery (flint glass). Today, several glassmakers offer PCR (post-consumer recycled) glass. The new version was recently chosen by Hollywood actress Michelle Pfeiffer for her brand Henry Rose.

Earlier this year, Pochet du Courval presented its SEVA glass, containing 10 percent recycled glass from carefully selected glass, originating in this case from premium perfume bottles, says the Group. A co-development achieved with the L’Oréal Group for two editions part of one of its fragrance brands, Viktor & Rolf.

For its part, Heinz-Glas confirms having focused on PCR glass and has already conducted campaigns with “several customers”. The German glassmaker is studying the possibility of ensuring an annual production.

Zignago Vetro will soon be launching Green Glass, recycled glass containers for cosmetic purposes. A first line was already launched last year in partnership with Eurovetrocap. To overcome the difficulties in finding recycled glass in Italy, the glassmaker who has already invested in two glass recycling units from household waste, in Rome and Florence, will build a third unit in Venice. The site, whose construction should start late this year should be commissioned in 2021.

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