Glass Service Italy refurbishes a furnace in Pakistan

The furnace produces neutral pharma borosilicate tube


In April 2019 Glass Service srl Italy started the production of a refurbished furnace in the plant of Ghani Global, in Pakistan.

The furnace produces neutral pharma borosilicate tube Hydrolytic class I, flint and amber, on 2 danner lines. The total gross pull is 20 metric tonnes per day. The furnace melting area energy source is natural gas and preheated air.

Glass Service introduce a new advanced solution for the oxygen air enrichment. With oxygen enrichment the natural gas consumption for the melting are was reduced to 220 Sm3/hour only. The local natural gas calorific power is only 7000 Kcal/Sm3. The oxygen enrichment is a good step for CO2 emission reduction and energy saving, low investment costs, easy retrofit on already existing natural gas/air combustion equipment.

The glass quality was good from the second day of production and efficiency stable over 70 percent of tube quality ISO standard.