34th ATIV International Conference 24-26 June 2020

Parma has been appointed Italian Capital of Culture for 2020, ATIV decided to organize an International Conference 24-26 June 2020: "Where Glass Science, Art and Technology Meet Together"

ATIV (Association of the Italian Glass Technicians) is a non-profit association whose mission is to further and enhance the technical and scientific knowledge of glassmakers and technicians of the secondary industries and to organize meetings and conferences in collaboration with University Research Centers. The association has decided to organize an International Conference 24-26 June 2020 in Parma as it has been appointed Italian Capital of Culture for 2020. The attractions of Parma and its unique and famous worldwide gastronomy will provide a great environment for the ATIV International Conference.

Topics at the conference will include the Science of Glass, Glass Technology (Hollow glass -Flat glass -Artistic glass and decoration -Special glasses – Ceramic glasses – Technical glasses), Machinery and equipment for the glass industry, Glass in architecture, Glass in automotive, railway, naval and aerospace sectors, Minor glass processing (hollow glass and flat glass), Glass decoration, Physical-chemical properties of the glass and regulations, Glass and the environment and History and the Art of Glass

It is expected the involvement of the world’s largest glass producers, raw material producers, European and non-European Glass Associations (ACERS, ESG, ICG, AIHV, Steklosouz, China National Association for Glass Industry, Glass trend), National and foreign glass laboratories and glass companies, Italian and foreign Companies supplying production machinery, systems, ovens and furnaces, Glass design companies and consulting companies in the glass sector, Auxiliary production companies for hollow glass and flat glass, second processing, coating, etc., universities involved in glass research topics, and major international glass magazines.

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