17th Mir Stekla International Exhibition attracts 8,000 visitors

The Mir Stekla International Exhibition, covering more than 5,000 sqm this year welcomed 200 companies from 22 countries, including Italy with a national pavilion and China with a collective exposition.

The Summer Session of the International Forum on Glass and Modern Technology, covering issues of the industry was also held during the exhibition period. More than 50 glass industry professionals submitted reports and presentations.
Many Mir Stekla 2015 participants have commented that they reached their goals at the exhibition, and have already applied for participation in the 2016 show. These early birds include Lazurnoe (St. Petersburg), KAMI Association (Moscow), Glass-Commerce (Ukraine), Altinаy (Turkey), Bottero (Italy), and many others.
The exhibition’s general media partner the Glass International magazine (UK) recognized the efficiency of cooperation and has decided to continue the partnership next year.
The ArtGlass Salon showcased many creative ideas embodied in interior design items and the best works of well-known Russian and foreign craftsmen working in glass painting, stained glass, glass fusing and lampwork.
The ArtGlass Salon and the Support Foundation for Young Designers and Architects “TVORI!”(«Create») arranged a historical art glass exhibition. Andrey Ushakov, an art glass collector and a descendant of a Supplier of His Imperial Majesty Court was available to talk to visitors. He also showed his unique collection of art bottles and glass works of art. The tour around showcase “The Russian Traditions in Glassmaking” revealed a lot of history of this old craft.
The total number of visitors to the exhibition was 8,000 people including 6,000 industry professionals, experts, and heads of companies.

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