12th ICG workshop for new researchers on glass – a virtual event

Glass formation and properties with a particular emphasis on Rheology: viscosity & relaxation

On 5-9th July 2021 in Montpellier, France, the International Commission on Glass (ICG) will organize the 12th workshop for new researchers in glass, as a virtual event.

The workshop will be composed of two interwoven threads:

  • The first thread will overview fundamentals in glass science emphasising structure-property relationships, experimental techniques, material simulations and tools that probe structure. Specific properties and applications will be discussed e.g. optical behaviour, transport phenomena, nucleation and crystallisation, and strength.
  • The second thread will focus on the viscosity of commercial and geological glass forming melts, measurement methods and models to describe the temperature and composition dependence. Viscoelastic behaviour near the glass transition, Tg will be described, particularly in the context of glass fabrication processes.

The lecturers will be world experts in their fields. A significant aspect of the workshop will be student-centred projects that will help participants to develop their understanding by applying what they know to specific issues.

Is this for me?
If you are a new PhD or Masters student or have recently started research in the glass industry then the answer is yes.

  • Standard fee: 400 EUR for those in full time employment.
  • Special fee: 150 EUR for bona fide students and academics.

The book produced to celebrate the 10th Montpellier Summer School “Teaching Glass Better” is recommended and can be pre-ordered at a discounted price :
“Teaching Glass Better”: 45 € (10% discount) plus postage

A more complete programme is available on the ICG web site.

This virtual event will be run using Microsoft Teams but the special features of the School such as Tutorials “Under the pine trees” and the Project work carried out in small groups will be retained, in their normal interactive format, as far as possible.

  • Pre-registration: deadline 15/05/2019
  • By e-maili to
  • Registration and payment: deadline 28/06/ 2019

The workshop will be limited to 40 participants.

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