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                                           Since Forvet                                                      c
                                           created its first
              37                           more than 25                                              No. 2 (162)
                                   Forvet Francesca machine
                                                                                                        Year 29
                                           years ago, the
                                           company has
                                            continued to work
                                            with innovation
                                            in mind – not
                                            only with regards
                                            to technology,
                                            but also to the
                                                                                     PUBLISHED BY
                                            processes its                      BI-MONTHLY MAGAZINE
                               EXCELLENCE DESIGNED  machines carry
                                 AND BUILT IN ITALY out. In this article
                                             we can see how
                                        Forvet designs, develops  Forvet machines
      articles          articles           a
                                         ticated and special glass  are used to realise
                                        and builds very sophis-
                                    technologies on the com-
                                    petitive international scene.
                                         processing machines char-
                                 ore than 25 years
                                    machine in the Francesca
                                         attentive and evolved mar- most prestigious
                               M since the Franc-  From the fi  rst NC drilling   acterized by very high  the ideas of the   Via Antonio Gramsci, 57 - 20032 Cormano (Milano) - Italy
                                         technological content and
                                    story, to the quadrilateral
                                         aimed at a very selective,
                               esca FC 1250 Prototype,
                                    grinding line Chiara, where
                                the fi  rst drilling machine in
                                    the grinding heads move
                                         PASSION FOR GLASS  international
                                the world with numerical
                                control was created: since
                                1990, the foundation year,
                                      Combifl  ex
                                         Glas Italia, a design brand  designers.
                                    all the processes (loading,
                                Forvet has always looked at   around the glass, to the work  where   ket segment.  Tel.: +39 - 02 - 66306866,  Fax: +39 - 02 - 66305510
                                    grinding and polishing, drill-
                                the glass working industry
                                    ing, milling, CNC, water jet
                                       ‘The Opus’ tower has been defined as ‘an all-encompassing,
                                nonconformity prism, pro-
                                jecting all its revolutionary
                                     cur simultaneously.
              ARCHITECTURAL APPLICATIONS  through the innovation and   cut, washing unloading) oc-  of Emar Industria Vetraria   37
                                productive process and
                                       engineering masterpiece’. With 4,544 custom-made glass units
                                            Glass-Technology International 2/2018
                                        for the dark blue glazed void mostly made of curved    ‡“>ˆ\Ê«ÕLˆV>̈œ˜ÃJ}>Ãܘˆ˜i°Vœ“ÊUÊÜÜÜ°}>Ãܘˆ˜i°com
                                        double-glazed insulating glass units with irregular
             Edgetech                   shapes, only a flexible spacer could be used.  Photo credit:  © Zaha Hadid Architects  PUBLISHING DIRECTOR: Angelo Altamura
             SUPER SPACERS   ®
             AS PART OF                                          EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: Marco Pinetti
             ‘THE OPUS’
             DREAM PROJECT                                       ASSOCIATE EDITOR
                                                                 Valerie Anne Scott .............................
                    ‘The Opus’ in Dubai with its unique form. 60  Canice Murray ...............................
                                                                 CONTRIBUTING EDITOR
                   Some 6,000 square metres of curved, tinted glass provide   ITALY
                                                                 Maurizio Lozza
             60 Glass-Technology International 2/2018  Glass-Technology International 2/2018  61
                                                                 Luciano Molina ..............................
              COMPANY UPDATE
                                                                 GRAPHIC DESIGN
                                                                 Sonia Previato ................................
                                           with sales, technical sup-  company’s natural evolu-
                                           port and logistics.  In this   tion in its ‘Local World-
                                           way the Asian glass indus-  wide’ strategy, whereby
                                           try can count not only on   it operates at local level
                                           the highest standard tools   through the knowledge of
                                           in the market but also di-  the specifi c characteristics
                                           rect and fast support from   of each country.
                                           the best engineers. This   A NEW GRINDING   PRINTED BY: STAMPALAB Srl - Via Giacinto Martorelli, 4
                                           investment refl ects the Ty-  CONCEPT
                                           rolit Group’s strong com-  Halo
                                           mitment towards investing
                                           in a country which has   With the single use grind-
                                           enormous potential for   ing ring Halo, Tyrolit intro-  20134 Milano (MI) - Italy
                                           growth, and represents the   duced a new concept for
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                                          glass industry – the Swarovski
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                  Tyrolit  T ducers of innova-  Division and is one of its main pro-  expand and enhance its presence.   no manuscripts or photographs will be returned. The editor’s office does not accept
                                          Group – Tyrolit is continuing to
                           yrolit, is one of the
                                          In this article, we take a look at
                           world’s largest pro-
                                  duction sites. All Glass Division pro-
                                  jects are developed in Italy where
                                          one of the Group’s recent projects
                          tive solutions for grinding,
                                  Tyrolit product specialists constantly
                          dressing, cutting, sawing,
                                  work with end customers, in order to
                          drilling and polishing and
                                  be able to provide them with the best
                                          – a plant based in Suzhou, China,
             presence in the  Stone, Glass and Ceramic  66       responsibility for opinions expressed in signed articles.  The Court responsible is
                                  advice and support whenever needed.
                          is part of the Swarovski
                                                                 Milan. Publication registered at no. 208 of the Milan Court Records Office on 24.3.1990
                          group. Tyrolit recently re-
                                          and the release of two important
                                  PRESENCE IN CHINA
                          leased two important prod-
                                  TYROLIT (Suzhou) Superabrasive
                          ucts to enhance its pres-
               Asian market  ence both in the automotive   Tools Co., Ltd. is located in Suzhou   products for the automotive   - ISSN 1126-8573
                          and fl at glass industries.
                                  China and opened in 2001 as a local
                                           and flat glass industries.
                          Tyrolit Vincent, based in
                                  manufacturing plant. The plant has
                          Thiene (VI) Italy, is the
                                  recently added a re-profi ling service
                          headquarters of  Tyrolit’s
                                  center and acts as the regional hub
                                  to support the whole Asian region
                                                                 Glass-Technology International, n.162, anno 29, 2018 - Periodico bimestrale.
             66 Glass-Technology International 2/2018
                                                                  regular features        regular
              IG DEVELOPMENTS                                                                         |
             LandGlass                     LandGlass Technology – a   the fully tempered vacuum
                                           specialist in the develop-
                                                insulated glass production
                                           ment and manufacturing
                                                line has laid a solid founda-
                                           of glass tempering furnaces
                                                tion for the commercializa-
                                                tion of this new product,
                                           and fully tempered vacuum
                                                making its contribution to
                                           insulated glass products,
                                           has completed its fully tem-
                                           pered vacuum insulated   environmental protection.
                                                FULLY TEMPERED
                                           glass production line, mak-  VACUUM INSULATED   12 ADVERTISERS INDEX &  COMPANIES MENTIONED
                                           ing an important contribu-  GLASS
                                           tion to our wellbeing, but
                                           also to our environment.  LandVac is a new gen-
                                           LandGlass’ R&D team of   eration tempered safety
                                           nearly 100 dedicated engi-  vacuum insulated glass de-
                                           neers and scientists worked   veloped by LandGlass with
                                           for eight on LandGlass’   independent  intellectual
                                           fully tempered vacuum in-  property rights.
                                           sulated glass and broke the   Built upon R&D results in
                                           myth that vacuum insu-  various fi elds and LandG-
                                           lated glass cannot be tem-  lass’ exclusive low temper-  14  OUR FAIR CALENDAR 2018
                                           pered. The completion of   ature sealing technology,
             to be certified by scientific organizations and bodies. 70  16 BUSINESS NEWS
             MOVING FORWARD
             GLASS PRODUCTS
                                                                 84  SUPPLIERS GUIDE - Yellow Pages
             LandGlass is continuously moving forward in its aim of providing the most
             innovative technology. In this article, we take a look at the recent developments
             in its fully tempered vacuum IG line, and how this special glass type is continuing
             70 Glass-Technology International 2/2018  Glass-Technology International 2/2018  71  94 SUBSCRIPTION SERVICE
              COMPANY NEWS
                  AGC Flat    Glass Italia      After a cold repair
                                                process of three
                                                months AGC Flat
                                                Glass Italia’s
             NEW FLOAT LINE, NEW PRODUCTS,        new float plant
                  AT ITS CUNEO PLANT            presents high-
                                                end technologies
                                                that enhance
                                                the plant’s
                                                productivity and
                                                its environmental
                                                impact. This article
                                                takes a look at
                                                the products that
                                                make up the new
                                                plant’s production
                                                range, and how
                                                these products
                                                are continuing the
                                                company’s ‘green’
                 cover advertiser  The AGC Cuneo plant entered service in 1963 and is now the largest   philosophy.
                                  glass manufacturing plant supplying the construction industry in Italy.
                                  It has one fl oat glass line, together with downstream facilities for
                                  processing the fl oat glass into laminated glass, mirror glass, coated
                                  glass and matt glass.
                                                 l /
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