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Where High Performance & Best Quality live

        The Double Lite Edition
        G SERIES printing machine.
        Engineered and designed for the

        Main Features
        Nj  Strongly asymmetrical glass centring system
        Nj  Quick set-up and changeover time (less than 5 minutes)
        Nj  Printing repeatability <+/- 0,08mm
        Nj  Short Cycle Time (from 6 to 15 seconds)
        Nj  Automatic ink thickness control
        Nj  Zero clear border printing capability
                  CUGHER                     th

                  Plants for glass screen printing                China Glass, April 19-22 - booth 474  - hall E1
              Double Glasses Technology                High Productivity Up to 1028 glasses per hour

                                                       SERIE G DLE       200x130     130x100
                                                        double glass
                                                                   Max   800x1300    550x1000
                                                                    Min  275x380     150x250
                                                        single glass  Max  2000x1300  1300x1000
                                                                    Min  900x500     350x200

        Cugher Glass Srl
                                                                                                  Watch now the video
                Milan (ITALY)         Naples (FLORIDA)
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