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At Vitrum, Intermac had a complete range of its products
              MACHINERY DEVELOPMENTS AND INNOVATION  and innovations on show – all ready for the digital age
                                  with Industry 4.0. The recent acquisition of the Movetro
                                  brand further enriches the range of technologies available,
                  Intermac        enabling Intermac to offer solutions for the handling   line: it perfectly sums up   c
                                                the ‘Smart for all’ concept
                                                – an automatic, integrated
                                  operations required by the glass industry: from intelligent
                                                sheet warehouse and auto-
                                  raw material storage systems to systems for moving   solution for managing the
                                                matically loading the cut-
                                  materials for machining operations following cutting and   ting line.
                                                THE ‘THINKFORWARD’
                                  solutions that work in perfect harmony with management   CONCEPT
                                                Intermac’s ‘Thinkforward’
                                  processes and logistics systems.  concept is, as the company
                                                says, an opportunity to cre-
                                           plete. Movetro’s shuttle   ate innovation in every fi eld
                                           system was, in fact, on   and an incentive which en-
                                           display,  demonstrating  courages customers to look
                                           how to optimise space in   to the future.
                                           medium- and large ware-  At Vitrum, a full range
                                           houses, moving both single   of solutions that enable
                                           sheets and books of sheets   Intermac to support cus-  is published every two months by  Year 28
                                           even while the machine is   tomers through the entire
                                           running. The small shuttle   production process were
                                           system is combined with   on display, demonstrating
                                           classifi ers and integrates   how Intermac provides the
                                           seamlessly with the Inter-  most suitable and effi cient     No. 6 (160)
                                           mac Comby J-A46 cutting   technology, selected on the
                                  creation of smart storage 58
      articles          articles           a                     EDITORIAL AND        Via Antonio Gramsci, 57
                                                                                      20032 Cormano (Milano) - Italy
                                                                 ADVERTISING OFFICE
                  GLASS MEETS WITH   t this year’s Vit-                               Tel.: +39 - 02 - 66306866
                                   rum event, In-
             TOP PERFORMANCE LEVELS   A termac had an                                 Fax: +39 - 02 - 66305510
                                  incredible range of prod-
                                  ucts on show and, thanks
                                  to the recent takeover of
                    AT VITRUM 2017  Movetro, a leader in the                          E-mail
                                  systems, even more com-
             58 Glass-Technology International 6/2017  Glass-Technology International 6/2017  59
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                                  is an initial, key develop-  tion of the Luxver range   high-performance warm   continues Fenzi. – We
                NEW PRODUCTS   Fenzi Group’s innovative   ment in a journey begun   with a line of products   edge spacers for IG units,   were pleased to note that   has first been obtained from the Publisher. The magazine is open to collaboration from all, but no
                                  last year that is already
                                           products capable of meet-
                                      that spans the entire glass
                                                our customers at the show
                           technology applied   richly rewarding the Fenzi   silvering  process  and  ing the most restrictive   were favorably impressed
                                  Group.   strengthens Fenzi’s posi-  standards set for the most   with the innovations on
              TAKE CENTRE STAGE  to chemicals for flat   Innovations also reign in   tion as a global partner for   cutting-edge systems.   display”.   manuscripts or photographs will be returned. The editor’s office does not accept responsibility for opinions
                                           “By focusing on the needs
                                      all mirror manufacturers.
                                  the mirror-backing paints
                                           of the glass industry, we
                           glass processing took   1941, began leading the   sion, the largest in terms of   are able to offer high-tech   DIGITAL PRINTING
                                      The insulating glass divi-
                                  Business Unit which, in
                                                SIDE KINETIX:
                 AT VITRUM 2017 centre stage at this   company to success and   size and revenue, is invest-  products that consistently   ON GLASS CHANGES   expressed in signed articles.
                                  recently marked another
                                      ed daily in the ongoing de-
                                           meet market demand for
                                      velopment of sealants and
                                  milestone – the comple-
                                                Tecglass makes printing
                                           high-quality products –
                           year’s Vitrum events.
                                                than ever. With the Vitro Jet
                                                F Type Side Kinetix model,
              itrum 2017, the   ful editions to its credit,   Spanish fi rm that joined  From latest-generation   on large glass sheets faster   The Court responsible is Milan. Publication registered at no. 208 of the Milan Court Records Office
                                                the head moves crosswise
              20th edition of   Vitrum’s specialization al-  the Fenzi Group last year.  coatings to digital   to the print carriage. This
             V the show, paid off   lows it to focus in-depth   Side Kinetix is an innova-  changes everything: even
             for the Fenzi Group with a   on the most current areas  enamels Business Unit. It  64  on 24.3.1990
                                                with glass sizes larger than
                      tion that has had a unique
             huge turnout of Italian and   of interest and to provide   impact on the market – by  printing, Fenzi offers   the carriage, it’s possible to
             international visitors inter-  excellent opportunities for   changing the print direc-  consistently print in the di-
             ested in the many innova-  doing business with highly-  tion on the glass, it ensures  a broad range of   rection of the long side of
             tions on display.   qualifi ed industry profes-  customers the advantage   the glass; that is, in the eas-
             In the words of Alessandro   sionals”.   of  greater  production complete solutions for   iest and fastest manner. A
             Fenzi, the Group’s CEO:   All the Business Units were   speed and effi ciency.  The   truly unique technology for   ISSN 1126-8573
             “Vitrum has proven itself   distinctly represented at the   Tempver Automotive line  the international glass   an even more versatile ma-
             to be a key event for us, ca-  show, starting with Side   of enamels for the automo-  chine, one that dramatically
             pable of attracting visitors   Kinetix, the latest technol-  tive industry is the latest  industry.  increases print effi ciency.
             from across Europe and   ogy in digital printing in-  breakthrough in the glass   The advantages of the Vit-  Glass-Technology International, n.160, anno 28, 2017, Dir. Resp. Marco Pinetti
             overseas. With 19 success-  troduced by Tecglass – the   ro Jet F Type Range:
                                                                 Poste Italiane Spa - Spedizione in abbonamento postale - 70% - LO/MI - Periodico bimestrale.
             64 Glass-Technology International 6/2017
              CASE HISTORY  On a production area of more than 26,000m2, Astiglass
                         produces double glazing, tempered, laminated, coated and
                         fi reproof glass elements as well as decoration and serigraphy
                                  Astiglass, a                    regular features        regular
                                  leading company
                                  in the processing
                                  and distribution   119 employees are currently working at Astiglass
                                  of glass, has its   French market they got the   eration with LiSEC: We   sealing robot VL-1N half a
             LiSEC                origins in the   importance of getting certi-  and also their geographical   silicon joints can be posi-
                                                year ago. Due to the deep-
                                           appreciate the direct and
                                      CEKAL certifi cation. Maria
                                           close contact with LiSEC
                                                er sealing, aluminium or
                                      Jesús Aliaga emphasizes the
                                                tioned, which signifi cantly
                                           proximity. If an important
                                      fi ed: “We are always eager to
                                  early 1960s, when
                                                improves the acoustic in-
                                           issue occurs, they are able
                                      get certifi cates for our prod-
                                      ucts which are an added val-
                                           to respond very quickly,”
                                                sulation of the breaks and
                                  Donato Aliaga,
                                      ue for the different markets
                                           importance of a compre-
                                      we serve. We can provide   the owners agree on the   provides additional tight-
                                                ening features.
                                  father of the   the best quality with the ele-  hensive communication.  FUTURE  10 ADVERTISERS INDEX &
             AN IMPORTANT PART OF   current owners,   ments we produce with our   PROJECTS  The company is well aware
                                      LiSEC machines.”
                                      MARKETS  From shopping malls to  and  that glass is more and more
             THE FUTURE FOR ASTIGLASS  founded a small   Astiglass’  export  rate  airports, Astiglass has a   both indoor and outside.
                                      amounts to 40 per cent.
                                                The required size of glass
                                           large range of references
                                  glass workshop.   They have had projects,   in Spain and many other   sheets is increasing, along
                                           countries. They were in-
                                      among others, in Germany,
                                                with the demand for solar,
                                  Today it counts   Russia and the Netherlands   volved in the construction   sound and fi re proof ele-  COMPANIESMENTIONED
              n the route be-  “In the fi eld of fl at  glass   LISEC  but the main external mar-  of one of the Hilton Hotels   ments. “We have big plans
              tween the two   processing we can do eve-  ket they serve is Panama.   in Mexico, shops of the In-  for our company to grow.
             O Spanish  cities  rything that is possible. We   best in glass processing  119 employees   Due to the economic crisis   didex group in all Europe   LiSEC is an important
             Sevilla and Córdoba the   offer glass elements in large   in 2008 they had to fi nd   and the sport centre of Real   part of our future develop-
             headquarters of Astiglass   dimensions, up to 6,000 x   LiSEC based in Hausmening/Amstetten is a globally active   and offers a wide   new business opportunities,   Madrid just to name a few   ments. We count on LiSEC
             are located. Astiglass of-  3,210 millimetres, which is   group, which has been offering innovative individual and overall   so they established an offi ce   of them. The project which   for helping us realize our
             fers effi cient solutions for   exceptional for Spain,” says   solutions in the fi eld of processing and refi ning of fl at glass   range of products   in Panama to approach the   they are most proud of is   growth plans, says Manuel
                       for more than 50 years. LiSEC’s service portfolio comprises
             architecture, engineering   Manuel Aliaga, General   machines, automation solutions and services. In 2016, the   Latin American market in   the construction of the Ne-  Aliaga enthusiastically.
             and interior decorating. It   Manager of Astiglass. The   group with its approximately 1,200 employees and more than   and sizes.  2013. “One of our diversi-  vada Shopping Center in
             is fully in the hands of the   company’s  cooperation  20 locations generated an aggregate turnover of about 230   fi  fi cation strategies is to enter   Granada, which opened in   12  OUR FAIR CALENDAR 2018
             family Aliaga, the brothers   with LiSEC began in the   million Euros at an export rate of more than 90 percent. LiSEC   new markets internationally.   2016 after two years build-  Lisec Group
             Manuel and Lorenzo and   year 2000, when it chose   develops and produces glass cutting and sorting systems,   The more markets, the bet-  ing time. All the glass was
                                           provided by Astiglass.
                                      ter,” states Manuel Aliaga.
             their sister Maria Jesús   LiSEC not only because of   individual components and entire production lines for the   Manuel Aliaga is Astiglass’ General 68
             took over the company   well-known technology and   production of insulating and laminated glass as well as machines
             management from their fa-  quality, but also because of   for the processing of glass edges and tempering systems. With a   COMMUNICATION  INNOVATION
                       reliable technology and intelligent automation solutions, LiSEC
             ther in 2005.  the good cooperation and   sets standards in terms of quality and technology and makes a   “In order to fulfi l the needs   For the building of struc-
             On a production area of   technical service LiSEC   substantial contribution to the success of its customers.  o of our customers better,   tural façades made of   Bahnhofstrasse 34
             more than 26,000 square   gives.  st structural internal commu-  glass, Astiglass changed   A-3363 Hausmening - Austria
             metres they produce double   nication is what we focus   the sealing depth of the IG   Tel.: +43-7475-5050
             glazing, tempered, lami-  QUALITY  on. It is essential to us, to   units from 11 millimetres   Fax: +43-7475-50540
             nated, coated and fi reproof   To match their slogan ‘trans-  their products certifi ed. The   mitment to quality, ensure   h have close relationships   standard to 21 millimetres.   E-mail:  14 BUSINESS NEWS
             glass elements, as well as   parent quality’ Astiglass   global ISO 9001, together   an added guarantee to their   w with our customers; the   In order to make this pos-
             decoration and serigraphy.   puts emphasis on getting   with their personal com-  clients. Especially for the   sa same applies to our coop-  sible, LiSEC modifi ed  the
                                  Manager. His sister Maria Jesus is
                                  responsible for Financial Management
             68 Glass-Technology International 6/2017  Glass-Technology International 6/2017  69
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              POST SHOW
                                        INTERVIEW WITH VITRUM DIRECTOR
                                       During Vitrum 2017 Glassonline had the opportunity to
                                       speak with Vitrum Director Laura Biason, who expressed
                                       satisfaction with the results of the fair and shared some
                                       thoughts on the next edition
                                       CHANGING TIMES
             Vitrum 2017               As the shutters closed on Vitrum 2017,  exhibitors and visitors said it had
                                       been a good fair, “much better than expected.”
                                       These positive views were also echoed by Laura Biason, Director of Vitrum,
                                       who has been engaged in the organization of the fair over the last two years.
                                       According to Ms Biason, this successful result has been achieved against
                                       a background of increasingly rapid change in the global fair environment;
                                       because of developments in global networking, many functions of the
                                       traditional trade fair have changed and there has been unprecedented growth
             concludes successfully  a fair that really can make   in direct channels of communication between suppliers and clients – these
                                  a difference, as is also evi-
                                       developments have to be taken into consideration and integrated with other
                                  denced by the attention
                                       kinds of information exchange. New companies are opening up new markets
                                  shown by the foreign press   and new technologies are changing the landscape of the industry, Vitrum is   Laura Biason
                                  this year over all four days   keeping abreast of these new areas of interest and gauging their impact on the   Vitrum Director
                The twentieth edition of Vitrum 2017 has concluded;   of the fair”, emphasised   market, continued Ms Biason.
                                  Laura Biason, Director of

             Part 1  full satisfaction with the positive outcome was   Vitrum.  NEW STRATEGIES
                                       Ms Biason underlined that the new global perspective calls for a new strategy for Vitrum involving more
                                  Between 3rd and 6th Octo-
                                       players on a larger canvas and increasing its ability to compete directly with the established major fairs by
                expressed by Exhibitors and Visitors alike.  ber 2017, Vitrum attracted   involving an ever wider circle of companies. The proposal by Vitrum President Dino Zandonella Necca
                                  to Milan the best of the   at the Murano summit meeting this summer to set up links with other national associations to increase
                                  glass working world from   collaboration and cooperation on areas of mutual interest was warmly welcomed and strongly supported
                                  all fi ve continents: from
              he twentieth edition   declared Vitrum President   activities such as the ex-  this edition. The inter-  the United States, Europe,   by international glass associations, she explained.
                                       Such contacts have already borne fruit in the run-up to Vitrum 2017 and will have even more impact on
              of Vitrum concluded   Dino Zandonella Necca, in   hibition  ‘Interpretazioni  est shown in the actual   South America, the Far   the next edition by extending the area of interest into more specifi c industrial sectors, she promised.
             Ton Friday 6th  Octo-  his closing address.   d’autore – Glass Experi-  machinery exhibited on   East, and Africa. A particu-  A special effort was also made in collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency to select and attract
             ber 2017, which brought   “Our operators, seminar   ences’, have been the true   the stands has been high,   lar success was the partici-  signifi cant buyers from the international market and this brought extremely positive results.
             to an end four days entire-  meetings, and collateral   “jewels in the crown” of   confi rming that Vitrum is   pation – organised with the   Everybody noticed visitors using the social networks to comment on stands and products and felt that
             ly dedicated to the world   invaluable support of ICE   this also contributed to wider visibility for the event and added extra cross-linking between exhibitors and
             of glass, the machinery of   Agency (the Italian Trade   visitors during the fair.
             the sector, and its applica-  Agency) – of 109 prime   Exhibitors were impressed by the quality of visitors, she underlines, and although the fi gures are not yet
             tions. In addition to nor-  fl at- and hollow-glass op-  fi nal, pre-registrations were up four times on the number for the previous fair, with a huge increase in
             mal exhibition business,   erators from 12 different   registered access on the fi rst two days.
                                       Another big success was the seminar program, with a wide offer of 4 different workshops, she noted,
             intensive off-stand activ-  countries.  proving that good content ensures good results; this also helped in networking, where systems can be set
             ity was distributed over   “But in a fair so interna-  up and people can fi nd out more about each other and form interlocking relationships.
             B2B encounters, cultural   tional by its very nature   Considering economic trends in general and export of machinery worldwide, Laura Biason said she was
             moments, and high-level   – concluded the President   very happy to see an increase in trade this year between exhibiting companies and Africa, the Gulf states,
             meetings between experts   Zandonella Necca – we   Iran, and the Mediterranean basin countries.
                                  are proud to record the
             in the fi eld and institution-  Plan, a program to which 70
             al representatives.  positive return of the Ital-  FUTURE PROSPECTS
             “Our satisfaction is that   ian public, in confi rmation   In the Director’s opinion, one area for development for the 2019 edition will be hollow glass, a very
             of our Exhibitors and our   of the reawakening of the   at both Vitrun 2015 and 2017 indicates the consumer attractiveness of the products, and suggests a market
                                       signifi cant industry which has chosen to be present at Vitrum in recent years. Despite this, interest shown
             Visitors. These four days   Italian market, a resur-  demand for more information on the state of innovation, technical solutions and customization possibilities
             have been intense, and   gence which has surely   offered by the full range of production. For the future, she expected to see continued emphasis on
             from today on we shall   been hastened by the fi nan-  collaboration with national associations and operators, and new sectors being opened for 2019, together
             continue even more in the   cial incentives provided by   with the development of new materials which can be worked using glass processing machinery. She felt
             consolidation of the goals   the Government through   confi dent that these goals would be achieved through working closely with the whole supply chain and
             already achieved and the   the Industry 4.0 National   related services such as press and advertising.
             pursuit of new possibilities
             for the future of the fi eld”,   we have made a contribu-
             70 Glass-Technology International 6/2017  Glass-Technology International 6/2017  71
                    POST SHOW REPORT
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            Processing and Finishing   Fax: +32-2-4818801
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            artistic skills in its 2017   AND ARTISTIC SKILLS  75  Cnud-Efco 1 pag.indd   1
            edition, with participants
            reaching their objectives.
                        Glass-Technology International 6/2017
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