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                                                                                    TRACEABILITY TO MAKE
                                                                                    EVERY CONTAINER
                                                                                    INDIVIDUAL AND UNIQUE

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                                                                                    34!2! ',!33

                                                                                    APPROACH TO AN
                                                                                    ENERGY MONITORING
                                                                                    SYSTEM FOR GLASS

                                                                                    INNOVATIVE GLASS
                                                                                    MACHINERY SOLUTIONS
                                                                                    WITH SAFETY FOR FUNCTIONS
                                                                                    AND INVESTMENTS
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                                                                                    GREEN ENERGY
             Tiama: your co-pilot on the way to the Smart Factory                   FOR HIGH-END PACKAGING
                                                                                    GLASS PRODUCTION

             Introducing YOUniverse, unique to Tiama, the leaders   From batch plant to the warehouse,  YOUniverse
             in business intelligence within the glass manufacturing   creates a maximum fl ow of information to enable as
             industry.  YOUniverse – with its open information   many machines as possible to “talk” to each other to   ,5-!3%.3%
             interchange – has been specifi cally developed with   improve effi ciency, productivity and profi tability.
             YOU and your needs at its core.   Welcome to the future – yours and your factory‘s.
                                                                                    TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT
                                                                                    SOLUTIONS FOR GLASS
             Take your fi rst step towards Smart Factory technology by visiting
                                                                                    PRODUCTION PROCESSES

             Intelligence  Monitoring  Traceability  Inspection  Service
                                                        Real-time Process & Quality Controls

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