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Tiama: your co-pilot on the way to the Smart Factory

            Introducing YOUniverse, unique to Tiama and further proof why we   From batch plant to the warehouse, YOUniverse creates a maximum
            are the leaders in business intelligence within the glass manufacturing   fl ow of information to enable as many machines as possible to “talk” to
            industry. YOUniverse has been specifi cally developed with YOU and   each other to improve effi ciency, productivity and profi tability. With
            your needs at its core. Utilizing fl exible and automated “plug and   its open information interchange, this revolutionary system allows
            play” systems YOUniverse makes the inspection process smarter and   machines from any manufacturer to be linked to the  YOUniverse.
            capable to adapt to any changes.                  Welcome to the future – yours and your factory‘s.

            Take your first step towards Smart Factory technology by visiting

            Intelligence  Monitoring  Traceability  Inspection  Service
                                                                                 Real-time Process & Quality Controls
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