Page 3 - Glass Machinery Plants & Accessories no. 3/2018
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                              MULTI DIRECT
        8-10-12 SECTIONS   ;  30° Constant trough angle  CONSTANT                     LESS IMPACT          1
        AND TANDEM         ;  New deflector profile longer on trough side                    SOFT VARIATION
        DELIVERY              DRIVE X2-X3-X4         ANGLE
        IS-P: DG 6 ¼”-TG 4 ¼”  ;  New deflector design and profile                                CENTRIFUGAL FORCE
                              GOB DISTIBUTOR
        SYSTEM             ;  Higher gob speed       GOB DELIVERY                               ON NEW DEFLECTOR DESIGN
        IS PARALLEL        ;  Shorter contact time between gob and trough       0,0035
                              With Electronic position
        The final glass container  ;  More soft centrifugal force variation 30° constant trough angle
        ADV 8000
        quality depends on a good  ;  Less deformation of the gob  thanks to new deflector profile   0,003
                              control for each scoop with the
                              possibility to align individually
        gob distributor and delivery   ;  Strongly decreased the impact force between gob and trough
                                                     longer on trough side, this
        between scoop-trough and   ;  Nullify centrifugal force at the end point of the deflector profile  0,0025
                                                     ensure higher gob speed with
                              every scoop with trough for
        deflector-mould.       great improvement of gobs   shorter contact time between
        We have improved the actual   delivery on high production   gob and trough for less
        technology to deliver the gob   machines.    deformation of the gob.    0,0015
        to the machine with the fastest                                                                        2
        and uniform flow and grant  1                  2
        a high thermal homogeneity                                                    DEFLECTOR PROFILE
        for final glass container’s
        high quality.
                                           Perfection for your performances          0   20  40   60   80   100  120
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