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Tomorrow,s Technology Today

The World’s leading glass companies come to
FIC with their Electric Boost/Heating projects

E-Glass Installations up to 3,500kW in oxy-              Display Glass Numerous installations of

fired furnaces for extra tonnage and improving           up to 1000kW installed power for TFT/LCD glasses
glass quality to eliminate strand breakages.             using tin oxide electrode blocks to achieve
                                                         exceptional glass quality.
Container Glass Various installations in
                                                         Electric Furnaces Developing new
flint and coloured glasses, up to 2,500kW for
increased output and quality.                            furnace designs for most glass types, including
                                                         opal. Complete technical back-up for melting quality
Float Glass Boosting installations from                  improvement from raw materials though to
                                                         forehearth, including all operational problems.
single zone 1,000kW designs to 3 zone 6,000kW            Trouble shooting service on all types of existing
installations, for increasing clear output, maintaining  furnace designs.
output on tinted glass, energy substitution and
reducing emissions. Multiple bubbler installations.


Tel +44 (0) 1736 366 962  FIC (UK) Limited                       The World,s Number One
Fax +44 (0) 1736 351 198  Long Rock Industrial Estate, Penzance   in Furnace Technology
Email  Cornwall TR20 8HX, United Kingdom
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