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                             A+W SOFTWARE GmbH

        Am Pfahlgraben 4-10 - 35415 Pohlheim - Germany
        Tel.: +49 6404 2051-0 / Fax: +49 6404 2051-877
        % MAIL  INFO A W COM  s

                  CO M P A N Y  D A T A

                          Peter Dixen - CEO
                         George Evers - CFO
                        Annual turnover

                           EUR 24,000,000
          Percentage of turnover from glass (%)
                    Number of Employees
                            170 worldwide

                         Founding Year
                                1977                                 C O M P A NY P R O FILE
                   Registered Trademarks                       A+W

                            A+W DynOpt                         Software for Glass and Windows
                      Planned Exhibitions                      A+W is the global market leader for software in the flat glass
                   China Glass 2017 - Beijing, China           industry as well as the windows and doors business. The company
                           24 / 27 May 2017                    develops ERP-, PPS-and optimization software in order to make
           GlassBuild America 2017 - Atlanta, Georgia, USA     glass and window manufacturers even more efficient.
                        12 / 14 September 2017                 A+W solutions control and optimize the whole value chain, from
                                                               basic glass to finished windows or façade elements. A+W products
                                                               are suitable for small-, mid-sized and large companies.

                                                               Of course, A+W offers individual advice and consulting for its entire
                                                               product range and supports users from the presentation of the
                                                               systems through to live operation.
                                                               With automatic updates and upgrades, the global maintenance
                                                               service makes sure that the installed software is always up to date.
                                                               A+W optimizes its customers’ yield, reduces production costs,
                                                               shortens lead times, improves quality and thus increases customer

                                                               A+W has been active on the market for by ’40 years and sells its
                                                               products worldwide. A+W cooperates with the most experienced
                                                               and competent companies in the industry. This close networking
                                                               helps A+W to always provide the best possible solution for its
                                                               customers’ demands.

                                                               A+W is a wholly owned company of Constellation Software Inc.,
                                                               which is listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange under the symbol
                                                               ‘CSU’. The Corporation acquires, manages and builds vertical mar-
                                                               ket software businesses.

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