Vitrum 2001 in numbers

Vitrum 2001, the Italian exhibition for flat, bent and hollow glass-manufacturing machinery, and manufactured and processed glass for the industry, was held from 3 to 6 October this year.
Growing int…

Vitrum 2001, the Italian exhibition for flat, bent and hollow glass-manufacturing machinery, and manufactured and processed glass for the industry, was held from 3 to 6 October this year. Growing international tension after the events of 11 September had made the organizers fear that the fair would not live up to their expectations of an unprecedented increase in the number of visitors and exhibitors. But despite the low numbers on 3 and 6 October, Vitrum“s four pavilions hosted a crowd of 16,284 people who showed a deep interest in solid negotiations, making up for a registered -2.50% decrease in visitors and exhibitors. The “aesthetic” growth of the fair was quite impressive this year as it already had been in 1999: companies no longer simply exhibit their production, but also like to present it a pleasing and elegant surrounding of lights and colours. This edition of Vitrum spread across four pavilions, one more than in its last edition, allowing companies to extend their exhibition areas. The new pavilion 16/11 was on a higher level and mainly hosted manufacturers of finished products and small equipment. The exhibition covered an area of 27,218.5 sq.m.; a 23.56% increase compared to 1999. Italian exhibitors covered 21,551 sq.m. of the area (+ 16.27%) and overseas exhibitors 5,667.5 (62,28%). Austria, Switzerland and Germany covered the larger areas. The total number of exhibitors reached 421, with an important increase in foreign companies coming from 33 different countries. Compared to the 1999 edition of the fair, numbers were up 1.72% for Italian exhibitors and 21.06% for overseas, for an increase of 9.36% on total exhibitor participation. National companies were 56.29%, while foreign companies were 43.71%. Italian visitors to the fair were 10,610 (+0.88%), while visitors from abroad were 5,674 (-8.24%), respectively amounting to 65.16% and 34.84% of the total. The EU brought the most operators to the exhibition, with 4,592 companies (-6.82%). Germany was present with 533 operators, followed by Spain with 491 and France with 467. The most representative countries outside the EU were Switzerland, with 303 operators, Russia (211) and Slovenia (189). Numbers from Russia and the Ukraine increased, as so did attendance from Serbia and Montenegro (+66.67%). Turkey continued the decrease started in 1997 and numbers went down by a further 28%. The constant growth in numbers from the US, which had started in 1987, came to a sudden halt. The 39.47% decrease could be due both to the terrorist attacks of 11 September or to the nation“s economic situation. Attendance from the Middle East was -8.51%, certainly due to the political tension during the weeks preceding the fair. China showed a stable and significant growth, passing from 10 visitors in 1993, to 54 in 1995, and 108 in 2001. The Italian industry for the production of machines, accessories and special products for glass manufacturing reacted very well to market conditions, registering rises in profit. The glass industry also reported the same increases, due to favourable national demand. Overall profit for this industry was up 4.6%, with hollow glass registering a 5.2% growth. Glass production went from 4,729,052 tons in 1999 to 4,945,621 in 2000: a 6% rise in production. This growth in production continued through the first half of 2001 and is probably what encouraged the increase in the number of national operators at this year“s Vitrum. Italian visitors were 10,610, of which 67.15% came from the north, 13.31% from central Italy and 19.54 from the south. For many years now, Vitrum has collaborated with the ICE (Institute for Overseas Commerce) to host foreign delegations from countries which have shown an interesting activity during the few months preceding the fair. This year the fair hosted a numerous group of glass operators from Iran. Both exhibitors and visitors confirmed that Vitrum 2001 was an important event that drew the attention of the glass world as a whole. Despite the slight decrease in the number of visitors and exhibitors due to recent international events, comments were positive from all sides. The next edition of Vitrum will be held in Milan from 25 to 28 June 2003.