Sparklike: gas fill measurement of the future

Sparklike Line Integrated Solutions™ product line

In a very short period of time, Sparklike has been able to establish itself as one of the world industry leaders in its field of expertise.

Sparklike’s non-invasive gas measurement technology is, in fact, the de facto industry standard today, the company has successfully penetrated the world market with its niche technology in a typical application where market demand and technology development have successfully joined hands.

As this year marks the 20th anniversary of Sparklike, the company decided to take a closer look behind the scenes. This article discuss what the future holds in terms of gas fill measurement. Sparklike intends to follow up current products Sparklike Handheld™ and Sparklike Laser™ with new product developments in line with market needs and the development of glass, coating and IGU technology. All Sparklike devices are designed and assembled at Sparklike in Helsinki, Finland. Before customer delivery, each device is quality-controlled and calibrated by our Sparklike specialists.

The new Sparklike Online™ measuring station
Sparklike’s Laser technology was originally launched to the market in Fall 2014. The latest development in the Sparklike laser technology portfolio is a Sparklike Line Integrated™  product line. In Fall 2018, Sparklike introduced the Sparklike Online™, the non-destructive measurement station. Integrated directly to any IG-line it provides information on the gas fill right after the filling process. The Sparklike Online™’s dimensions and speed are compatible with all kinds of IG-lines and the level of integration can be adapted based on the customer’s needs and insulating glass line requirements.

Fully automatic – the IGU just need to stop for measurement
Insulating glass units are measured automatically after the gas press and all the results are recorded to its memory and can, therefore, be sent back to the IG-line or its ERP-system. Based on this information it is possible to react immediately to a possible gas fill flaw as well as help optimize the gas fill process. This ultimately enables the saving of both utilized gas as well as time saved in the gas press.

Benefits of line-integrated measurement

  • Piece of mind once delivering the units to the buildings
  • Easy installation to flat floor by the IG-line and not touching the line, only the IGU
  • Required by the market – concluding the quality control procedure
  • Product traceability
  • Gas press adjustment – saving both time and gas
  • Sales argument for IGU-sales
  • No costs or errors by man-made control
  • Related to the increasing quality consciousness and measurements in the building

The new Sparklike Online ™ measuring station shares the TDLAS measurement technology form the Laser product family with a proven performance record of over 150 units delivered globally.

Outstanding quality at pair with advanced product expectations
The non-destructive testing methods developed by Sparklike makes it possible to measure even the most complex insulating glass structures. In other words, the latest advancements in measuring technology solve the issues attached to traditional, invasive methods, which were and still are being used to test insulating glass gas concentration.

Since the laser-based technology is capable of measuring both non-destructively, as well as through coatings and laminations, the technology allows testing of complicated structures, such as energy-efficient triple glazed units.

As laser technology measures the level of oxygen non-invasively, it can, in the same way, measure the percentage of any gas. This brings the level of quality assurance of these high performing glazing units at pair with advanced product expectations.

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