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Şi̇şecam Flat Glass chosen for new Istanbul airport

The products of Şişecam Flat Glass, one of the largest flat glass producers of the world, have been selected for Istanbul’s new Airport Project qualified as a “mega project”.

Operating under the body of Şişecam Group, the global player of the glass industry, and being Europe’s largest and the world’s fifth largest flat glass producer, Şişecam Flat Glass will equip Istanbul’s new airport project with its products to be used for the façades and skylights covering an area of more than 200,000 square meters.
By the time of completion of its first phase in the first quarter of 2018, the project will serve 90 million passengers per year, while this number will be increased to 200 million passengers per year by the time all the phases are completed. Şişecam Flat Glass products of various performance classes were preferred for the project, offering solutions for effective energy savings, noise control, aesthetics, safety and security requirements. The high-quality new product of Şişecam Flat Glass developed for Istanbul’s new airport project, “Temperable Solar Low-E Glass” will be used for the façades of the project.
Preferred for the façades of Istanbul’s new airport project, the new superior-quality Şişecam Temperable Solar Low-E Glass combined with Isıcam products will offer a light permeability of 51%, and thus ensure a transparent design with optimum light permeability and low reflectivity. In addition, Isıcam combination preferred for Istanbul’s new airport project transmits only 29% of the solar energy, while it reduces heat losses by 50% compared to an ordinary double-glazing glass in winter, offering savings in terms of both cooling and heating expenses. On the other hand, the temperability of the glass provides safety and reduces the risk of injuries that may be caused by glass breaking. The laminated glass preferred for both interior and exterior glass combination offers noise control in addition to security benefits.
The new product allows for more environmentally friendly buildings.
Preferred for the wide skylights of the project where solar control is needed the most, Şişecam Temparable Solar Low-E Glass allows the inflow of only 26% of the solar heat thanks to its superior performance, and reduces heat losses by half compared to double-glazed glass, offering savings in terms of both cooling and heating expenses. Thanks to its light permeability of 40%, the new product also allows enjoying the view of the sky and clouds without compromising the brightness of indoor spaces. The laminated glasses preferred for the internal glass combinations provide security benefits.
Offering comfortable living spaces, the products save the energy consumed, reduce carbon dioxide emissions and allow for more environmentally friendly buildings.

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