Rolltech launches new app to calculate IG thermal transmittance

Calculating the U value of an IG unit has been made easier and faster with the development of Rolltech’s WinUw calculator.

The new app developed by the Glass Alliance company, makes it easier to design and develop more performing IG for more energy-efficient buildings that comply with the strictest international standards.
The software is very useful in calculating the thermal transmittance of IG starting with the different spacers used. The app can be used with all spacers produced by the Glass Alliance international network of Fenzi, Alu-Pro and Rolltech, worldwide distributors of materials for very high
performance IG units.
The WinUw application is very user-friendly; some parameters are entered to obtain the PSI value of all standard units made with all Glass Alliance spacers.
Parameters that can be combined and entered online in the calculator are:
– Four different types of windows based on the material used (PVC, wood, aluminum, aluminum and glass);
– Six types of Glass Alliance Warm Edge spacers from the Multitech, Butylver TPS, CHROMATECH Ultra and CHROMATECH product groups
– Two Standard spacers FERROTECH (galvanized steel spacer) and aluminum spacers are included with calculated values.
– Double or triple glazing option in numerous different thicknesses.
For each combination the internal glass edge temperature will also be provided.
The WinUw calculator uses EN 10077 standard with equivalent thermal transmittance being determined in accordance with the ift WA-08/3 and WA-17-1 guidelines.
“We have surely developed an innovative app, a useful tool that will definitely be appreciated by our customers,” said Johnny Holm, Sales Director at Rolltech. “And we are also convinced that this can be another reason to choose Glass Alliance as the main partner for the glass industry”.
The application is free, available in 6 languages (English, German, French, Russian, Italian and Polish) and in addition to being available for all mobile devices it can also be used directly from a PC at