Let FGIA know if you are interested in the IG Fabricators Workshop

Help FGIA select dates for the 2021 IG Fabricators Workshop

After taking 2020 off due to the pandemic, the popular in-person IG Fabricators Workshop will return to Plano, Texas, USA, this November. Those interested in attending can help the Fenestration & Glazing Industry Alliance (FGIA) select the best dates for the workshop by completing a short form.

This is typically a well-attended industry workshop, but because it is such a hands-on, participatory event where individuals must be in close proximity to get the full experience, it was not feasible to host in 2020. As a result, much interest is anticipated for the 2021 workshop.

For those unable to travel this fall, a video series version of the workshop is being produced. Comprised of short segments available on-demand via a six-month paid subscription, this new video series will be provided as an option not just for those who will miss the workshop this year, but also to those who might not have the opportunity to attend the event in person in the future.

The workshop, and the forthcoming video series, will cover the following modules:

  • Station 1: Glass Cutting & Washing
  • Station 2: Spacer and IG Fabrication
  • Station 3: Sealants / Hot Melt Sealant / Sealant Adhesion & Butterfly Test
  • Station 4: Volatile Fog
  • Station 5: Gas Filling and Measurement
  • Station 6: Desiccants and Desiccant Matrix
  • Station 7: Forensic Investigation of IGU Failures