IWFA brings regional meeting to the Southeast region in time for busy season

The International Window Film Association conference will be held in Atlanta on 8 – 9 April.

Organisers have listed the top 5 reasons why visitors should participate:
1How to approach and do business with associations?  Ever wondered how to take that one job you have done an market it to the entire organization or association?  This seminar will give you the fundamentals to do so.
2How to elevate yourself from the competition? How different or better are you and can you prove it?  How?  Find out many ways to raise the bar on the competition.
3How are you following up with the customer if you get the sale versus when you don’t?  Learn ways to follow up to increase your referral, in both cases.
4How can you better your sales presentations using tools to gain credibility?  Learn how to use the tools available today to back up your claims and knowledge.
5Are you presenting the same way to all clients, for example, if residential or commercial?  Learn the fundamentals of what a commercial client is seeking.
To register for the Southeast Regional Conference, just go to the IWFA Store on the IWFA website (www.iwfa.com) and select the item listed below under EVENT REGISTRATION or use the link provided. REMEMBER: If you are a member, be sure to sign in to the website first before going to the IWFA store to make sure you receive the member pricing. (If you do not remember your name or password, contact the IWFA at info@iwfa.com or call 276-666-4932 for assistance.) For more information, visit the Southeast Regional Conference page.