CMS never stops growing

Investments at Cms never stop: the company has developed a new production area

The production centre at Zogno, Italy, has been enhanced with a new, state-of-the-art wing. An entire area designed specifically for the largest machines: 85,000 square meters that fully respect the environment and surrounding landscape, where the machines are moved using 8 overhead cranes that can hold 15 tons each.

Let’s look at the numbers

  • 7,740 – the overall covered area of the new plant is 7,740 square meters
  • 12 – the usable internal height of the building is 12 meters
  • 200 – the lighting in the production areas is supplied by 200 Led floodlights that guarantee an average illumination in excess of 350 lux
  • 10,000 – when the wiring system was being created, approx. 10,000 meters of electric wiring was laid

The warehouse façades, and their impact on the surrounding landscape, were designed in collaboration with the architect Cinzia Robbiati from the Archeology, Fine Arts and Landscape Authorities for the provinces of Bergamo and Brescia.

Its energy rating is Class A1 while there is a solar panel system with 504 polycrystalline solar panels fitted on the roof providing an overall maximum power of 150 kW.

The flooring is 48 cm thick and was designed to withstand trials directly in loco and can support dynamic weights of 3,500 kg with a differential yielding of less than 2 hundredths of a mm.

The ideal place for performing the most challenging tests, in order to guarantee the absolute precision typical of all company’s machines.

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