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British Glass: Vision for the future of glass packaging

With 3 million tonnes of glass manufactured each year, the UK glass industry is a market worth over GBP 2.2 billion and one that can continue along a path of sustainable growth. It is imperative that the glass industry continues to work directly with government and other stakeholders to achieve the 2050 vision

British Glass indicate that the 2050 Vision is achievable through working with government on three key strategic pillars, each intended to solidify the glass industry position in the UK economy and wider manufacturing industry whilst ensuring a sustainable future:

  • Power decarbonisation: the industry is committed to a transition to net-zero by 2050 through improvements in electricity infrastructure across the UK and addressing high electricity costs when compared to non-renewables
  • UK circularity: keeping glass packaging out of DRS schemes will maximise glass collected for recycling and ensure interoperability between nations. Unprocessed waste glass should not be exported to allow for a true UK circular economy, and flat glass recycling can be increased through policy reform
  • Futureproof skills: it is vital to continue to attract new talent into the industry. British Glass recommends following the recommendations outlined in the Manufacturing Commission report on upskilling industry, manufacturing productivity and growth in England.

In the Vision video, Dave Dalton, CEO of British Glass, discusses the barriers the industry faces, potential solutions, and the long-term goals set to secure a sustainable future for UK glass manufacturing.

“We must continue to engage with policy-makers and industry partners to overcome challenges and implement effective solutions,” said Dalton. “Our commitment to decarbonisation, circularity, and skills development will pave the way for a greener and more prosperous future for the UK glass industry.”

For more information, the British Glass policy position document can be found here.

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