AWT’s Pro-Light LED technology delivers quicker exposure times

AWT World Trade Group has introduced the Pro-Light LED, featuring LED energy-efficiency for cost-effective operation and consistent production results, expanding its popular and successful Pro-Light series of screen exposing units.

The latest LED technology makes these screen exposing units economical and efficient to operate, delivering accurate, professional results and production consistency for any screen printing operation. LED lamps mean quicker exposure times and longer light source life expectancy. Unlike other light sources, LED lamps do not degrade over time, delivering consistent, optimum performance over their entire working life.
Ideal for four-color process work, long runs, and extremely fine detail reproduction, AWT’s Pro-Light LED exposure units offer quicker exposure times depending on the type of emulsion, coating thickness, or film being used. Undercutting is minimized in most applications. The optional digital timer ensures precise exposure intervals, virtually eliminating under- or over-exposure of your screens.
The flexible rubber vacuum blanket maintains complete contact between film positive and mesh to prevent distortion, and our maintenance-free vacuum motor-the quietest in the industry-ensures perfect contact between the positive and screen.
A screen exposing unit that combines consistent quality and cost-effective operation using modern LED technology, the Pro-Light LED from AWT is an upgrade for any screen printing operation.
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