All in Glass China 2009 to enhance glass industry upgrading in China

China International Exhibition for Glass Technology 2009 (All in Glass 2009) held its press conference after its debut at Glasstec 2008, on 14 May 2009 at the Shanghai New International Exposition Cen…

China International Exhibition for Glass Technology 2009 (All in Glass 2009) held its press conference after its debut at Glasstec 2008, on 14 May 2009 at the Shanghai New International Exposition Centre. The organizers and Guangdong Glass Trade Association presented the upcoming exhibition to the audience about its theme, highlights and latest market information. All in Glass China 2009 is co-organized by China Foreign Trade Centre and Messe Dsseldorf China Ltd., and undertaken by China Foreign Trade Guangzhou Exhibition Corporation and Messe Dsseldorf China Ltd. It is the only regional exhibition in China supported by Glasstec – the world“s No.1 glass event. With the slogan Keep in touch, All in Glass China 2009 will be staged from 25-27 November 2009, at China Import and Export Fair Complex, Guangzhou, PR China, based on its first success in November 2007. The Chinese glass industry is facing a serious challenge in the current economy downturn. It is widely accepted that the best way for Chinese traditional glass industry manufacturers is to control production, optimize structures and reduce costs. Moreover, a series of governmental stimulus policies will also accelerate the process of industry upgrading. All in Glass China 2009 will leverage concurrent forums to provide a professional and technical platform for participants to brainstorm the best solutions for Chinese glass industry upgrading. For example, there will be the 2009 China International Glass Deep Processing High Technology Forum and 2009 Annual Conference of Shenzhen Solar Energy Society, covering topics such as energy saving glass, coated glass, solar PV glass and strengthened glass. In the exhibition halls, there will be highlighted showcases focusing on mid- and high-end glass deep processing products, technologies and machinery ranging from solar PV glass, automobile glass and energy saving and environment friendly glass. Guangdong province plays a major role in flat glass manufacturing, glass deep-processing production, glass consumption as well as export of glass and glass products, and occupies an important role in the domestic glass industry. Particularly in the deep processing of glass, Guangdong province has been in the forefront of the domestic industry. The main driving force behind Guangdong glass and glass deep-processing industry is the rapid development of the market. In 2008, there was one additional production line of float glass with melting capacity of 900 tons in Guangdong Province. By the end of 2008, annual production capacity of flat glass achieved 78 million weight boxes, of which float glass production capacity was 70 million weight boxes. In 2008, the output of flat glass was 74.88 million weight boxes, accounting for 13.6% of national output, output value of flat glass sales came to roughly RMB 4.5 billion. Processing of glass in 2008, driven by energy-saving construction developed rapidly, a variety of energy-efficient glass such as low-E glass, insulating glass made a large scale of development. And 2008 saw the establishment of a lot of hollow glass production lines and three low-E glass production lines. At the end of 2008, the Chinese government determined the RMB 4-trillion stimulus investment programme and the “Plans for the Restructuring and Revitalization of Ten Pillar Industries“. Although there is no policy of direct support or stimulus plan for the glass industry, since the close linkage to the industrial chain and a wide range of applications, glass industry especially in high-end glass, such as automotive glass, insulating glass as well as the glasses with the feature of energy saving and environmental protection will greatly benefit. Meanwhile, the stimulus programmes also enlarge the demand for deep-processed glass products. According to statistics, the actual productivity of photovoltaic products only meets 60% of the total demand in 2007, leaving a large domestic market gap. Moreover, in the RMB 4-trillion economic rejuvenation programme, the Chinese government plans to dedicate around 45% of the total to railways, highways, airports, urban and rural power grids. Statistics from the Civil Aviation Administration of China show that among the RMB 4-trillion programme to stimulate investment in the economy, the investment in airport construction in 2009 will reach RMB 200 billion. Moreover, China“s Energy Saving Law will be in full implementation, with building energy conservation an important energy-saving promotion target, and thus energy-saving glass will be in great demand. China has become the world“s fourth largest auto glass producer and the automobile industry output in 2010 will account for 7% to 8% of the manufacturing industry. In January, China“s domestic sales of passenger cars reached 647,600, 0.5% growth compared with December last year. With such great market demand for automobile safety glass products which complement the development of the automobile industry, it will secure a broad market prospect. As the renowned trade exhibition in South China, All in Glass China 2009 will provide an ideal trade and business platform for exhibitors and visitors. The exhibition will make the most of all the resources, insights and advantages to enhance the upgrading of the Chinese glass industry and to realize sustainable development.

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