PPG to manufacture Starphire® glass using ‘greenest’ float glass furnace technology

  Plant technology

PPG has announced that it will manufacture Starphire® glass at its float glass plant in Fresno, California, using oxy-fuel furnace technology. This production will reportedly yield two significant environmental and supply chain benefits.

The California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco was constructed with Starphire ® glass, selected for its ability to transmit high levels of sunlight
PPG Industries will manufacture Starphire® ultra-clear glass using oxy-fuel furnace technology at its float glass plant in Fresno, California.
Patrick J. Kenny, PPG director of marketing, flat glass, said West Coast production of Starphire glass will yield two significant environmental and supply chain benefits. First, it will enable PPG customers purchasing the most transparent and highly transmissive ultra-low-iron glasses available to get products made using the most environmentally-advanced float glass furnace technology.
“As far as we know, Starphire glass will be the only ultra-low-iron glass in the world manufactured on an oxy-fuel float glass line,” Kenny said. “That will make this already Cradle To Cradle Certified(CM) product even more attractive to architects and product designers who want to use the most sustainable products available.”
Second, adding production in Fresno will create a more local and reliable supply of Starphire glass for architects, fabricators and independent glass shops in the western US. “By producing Starphire glass in California, we will dramatically reduce the potential for transportation-related supply disruptions for West Coast customers, and we may enable projects within 500 miles of Fresno to incorporate Starphire glass and be considered for LEED® regional materials credit,” Kenny said. “That will give our current and potential customers even greater incentive to take advantage of the performance benefits this extraordinary produc...


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7 Total news items for this channel since 1996
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