Hüttinger Elektronik responds to demands of RF process power supplies

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The TruPlasma RF 3012 high-frequency generator from Hüttinger Elektronik is the German company’s response to the demands of RF process power supplies for good efficiency levels and robust design. The generator has an innovative class D converter topology combined with a patented high-frequency power coupling technology, thus making it unique to the market.

The TruPlasma RF 3012 high-frequency generator from Hüttinger Elektronik
Hüttinger Elektronik’s TruPlasma RF 3012 has an output power of 12 kilowatts with a frequency of 13.56 megahertz and is ideally suited for PECVD, etching and RF sputter processes in the flat panel display, solar and semiconductor industries. The user can design these production steps very efficiently with the TruPlasma RF 3012, thus achieving significant cost savings.
The TruPlasma RF 3012 is equipped with an innovative class D converter topology that allows an 80% degree of efficiency. In comparison to previous power supplies which have a 60% degree of efficiency, the TruPlasma RF 3012 demonstrates a power loss reduced by half. "In a typical PECVD coating system, in which passive SiNX coatings are applied to wafer-based solar cells, a generator often runs 22 hours a day, 355 days a year. At current power prices, the increased efficiency generates cost savings of approximately 3,500 Euros per year per power supply," said Ulrich Ambrosy, Director of Product Management at Hüttinger Elektronik. "This savings potential is especially significant if you imagine that such a system frequently has several process chambers, each of which is equipped with several power supplies. The reduction in operating costs here is quite significant."
The reduction in power loss also means the TruPlasma RF 3012 has a reduced need for cooling. This opens up additional savings potential in cooling water usage and reduced infrastructure investments. Last but not least, the high degree of efficiency c...


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