The Glass Industry Event for Iran


8 - 9 May 2017, Tehran, Iran

Exploring a potential new market





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The Event



Iran has a population of 80 million (of whom 60% are estimated to be under 30) and is the second largest economy in the Middle East (MENA) after Saudi Arabia, with an estimated Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in 2015 of US$ 393.7 billion. Iran ranks second in the world for natural gas reserves and fourth for crude oil reserves. The rate of increase of the Consumer Price Index fell to 12.6% per annum in January 2016 from a peak of 45.1% in October 2012 and infl ation has declined from 40% under the former President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad to around 8% recently. According to the World Bank Group, thanks to the lifting of sanctions and a more business-oriented environment, real GDP growth is projected to reach 4.6% in 2017.

Glass making in Iran can trace its origins back 3,500 years. Today the glass sector is an integral part of the country’s industrial landscape and can count on huge reserves of silica, cheap electricity, professional skills and low labor costs. The main glass and crystal manufacturing plants are located in Tehran and Tabriz areas, including Crystal Iran, Hamadan Glass, Kaveh Industrial Group, Mofid Pharmaceutical Glass, Norizateh, Razi Glass Group, Sahand Industrial Group and Shoga Glass, etc... According to the Iranian Glass and Crystal Producers Association, the country could become a leader in global glass manufacturing. However, along with investments from abroad the country needs to update its plants and technology in order to complete the production chain. Following the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (the international agreement on Iran’s nuclear program, known commonly as the Iran deal) and the cancellation of international economic sanctions, foreign investments are entering the country and will increase the opening of new companies and the setting up of joint ventures. In order to establish itself on the world stage, Iran needs to start increasing domestic production both in container glass and tableware and in flat glass. On the one hand, a young and growing population coupled to a better economic outlook will lead to more end users for tableware, food&beverage and cosmetic containers; on the other, the flat glass market can benefit from the growth of the construction and automotive fields: just think that Iran is planning to produce 3 million vehicles over the next 10 years.

Opportunities at a glance

  • Business meetings with local professionals
  • Visitor data available to all participating companies
  • Dedicated meeting rooms for private business meetings
  • Promotion of your brand through sponsorship opportunities
Conference podium

Exhibitor company profile - Suppliers of equipment and materials


  • Raw materials for glass production
  • Preparation of raw materials and batches
  • Glass melting technology
  • Forming for hollow glass
  • Forming for flat glass
  • Forming for fiber glass
  • Equipment for glass tube production
  • Equipment for glass fiber production
  • Furnace, lehr, kiln technology
  • Cold end technology for hollow glass
  • Cold end technology for float glass, laminated glass, wired glass and other types of flat glass
  • Pyrolitic coating systems for flat glass
  • Coating technology for hollow glass
  • Conveying, transport, packaging and warehouse technology
  • Decorating equipment


  • Cutting, breaking and snapping
  • Drilling
  • Edge and surface finishing
  • Forming and bending
  • Laser technology
  • Coating
  • Electronic display glass
  • Insulation glass
  • Safety glass
  • Cleaning
  • Auxiliary products
  • Recycling
  • Suppliers for the glass machinery industry
  • Nanotechnology
  • Artistic glass


  • Commercial Glass and Curtain Wall Products, Systems,
  • Hardware & Related Components
  • Equipment for Glass and Metal Fabrication
  • Residential Glass Products, Systems, & Related Components
  • Residential Window & Door Products, Systems, Hardware & Related Components
  • Supplies (Abrasives, Cleaning Products, Lubricants) & Tools
  • Equipment for Residential Window & Door Manufacturing
  • Equipment for Commercial Fenestration, Glazing, Installation
  • Software


  • Solar glass
  • Photovoltaic production
  • Solar technology
  • Building integrated photovoltaic (BiPV)


  • Glazing tools
  • Cutting, grinding and drilling tools
  • Handling tools, hand-guided
  • Spare parts
  • Protection devices
  • Work clothing
  • Lifting and working platforms
  • Brackets for glass applications
  • Adhesives
  • Extrusion
  • Consumables
  • LED technology


  • Measurement and testing
  • Sensing
  • Computer systems
  • Software and applications


  • Laboratories
  • Universities
  • Test institutes
  • Research institutes
  • Architects & designers
  • Project engineering
  • Main contractors
  • Associations and organisations
  • Specialized media
  • Trading companies


Take part in IRAN GLASS using our lightweight formula which avoids a heavy commitment in time or money for stand set-up and offers defined, transparent pricing from the outset.

The package includes:

Contact desk

Furnished area with name board and 1 placeholder/name board

Shortly after the event, all exhibitors and sponsors at IRAN GLASS 2017 will receive the complete list of registered visitors in an excel file with their company data (see visiting ⇛ registration).

Website and catalogue entries

Company profile in the official catalogue distributed to all participants and dedicated page on the event website

Sponsorship opportunities

IRAN GLASS 2017 offers a wide range of sponsorship opportunities to enhance company's presence: visitor lanyards and badges, carrier bags, newsletters, posters and banners, event catalogue, lunch/coffee areas, etc.

Contact desks area

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Entry to the event, including workshops, is free of charge for all registered business and professional visitors.

Pre-register now

The pre-registration closes on 3rd May.
after this date, you will need to register directly at the event reception.
The ticket is valid for 1 person for both days.


Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel
Crossroad of Chamran and Valiasr - Tehran 11369 – Iran

Event opening hours

Monday 8th May, 10:00-17:00

Tuesday 9th May, 10.00-17.00

Visitor Profile

The event will be free-to-attend for all business and professional visitors, who will be registered on entry:

  • Owner / Chairman
  • Managing director / CEO
  • Plant / factory director
  • Technical director
  • Production director
  • Purchasing department
  • Technicians / engineers
  • Production department
  • R&D department
  • Test & inspection department
  • Sales & marketing manager
  • Finance and accounting manager
  • IT department
  • Logistics, handling, and storage department
  • Repair and maintenance department
  • Education & training department
Event visitors

Visitors from outside Iran may need to apply for a visa.
Please refer to the Embassy of Iran in your country to get further details.

The Venue

Esteghlal Hotel Congress Centre

Esteghlal Congress Centre

Tehran, crossroad of Chamran and Valiasr

Boasting the largest hotel congress centre in Tehran, the fi ve-star Parsian Esteghlal International Hotel (Ex-Hilton) is located in the north of the city at the foot of the Alborz mountain range, close to Valiasr Street, one of the capital’s most beautiful thoroughfares. In its West and East towers, the Esteghlal Hotel offers 504 rooms and 48 suites, all furnished to the highest quality. The East Tower was renovated in 1997 and the South Tower is under construction.

Exterior of Esteghlal Congress Centre


Tyrolit Vincent to participate in Iran Glass 2017

Fri 28-04-2017 | The company will display its diamond tools for the glass industry. (...)

Isra Vision joins Iran Glass 2017

Fri 21-04-2017 | The company will present its optical glass inspection systems. (...)

Ori Mould to take part in Iran Glass 2017

Thu 20-04-2017 | The company will present its range of glass moulds. (...)

Iran Glass 2017 approaching

Fri 14-04-2017 | Iran Glass 2017 takes place on May 8-9 in Tehran, Iran. (...)

Vidromecanica to look for new business opportunities at Iran Glass 2017

Thu 13-04-2017 | The company will present its European technology combined with low energy consumption. (...)

Neptun to display its products at Iran Glass 2017

Wed 12-04-2017 | The company business is focused on the glass processing sector. (...)

Ayrox and Softeco to participate in Iran Glass 2017

Fri 07-04-2017 | Following the company's experience at Baku Glass 2016 and Cuba Glass 2016, both companies will also (...)

Fosbel joins Iran Glass 2017

Tue 04-04-2017 | The company will present its expertise in the glass sector. (...)

Italcarrelli takes part in Iran Glass 2017

Mon 03-04-2017 | The company will present its products for the handling and storage of glass sheets. (...)

Emmeti and Sipac participating together at Iran Glass

Fri 31-03-2017 | Emmeti and Sipac presenting palletizers, depallettisers, and cold-end lines at Iran Glass 2017. (...)

Kdrills to approach the Iranian glass market

Mon 27-03-2017 | Kdrills participates at Iran Glass 2017 (...)

EXA and STAR together at Iran Glass 2017

Fri 24-03-2017 | Companies will display their silk screen printing solutions (...)

Kdrills to approach the Iranian glass market

Fri 17-03-2017 | The company will participate at Iran Glass 2017 (...)

Olivotto Glass Technologies Group to take part at Iran Glass 2017

Wed 15-03-2017 | During the event Olivotto will present its recent new technologies. (...)

TK and its equipment for the thermal treatment of glass at Iran Glass 2017

Mon 13-03-2017 | The company has been part of the glass industry sector for more than 20 years (...)

S.I.G.MA. Group to display its services at Iran Glass 2017

Tue 07-03-2017 | S.I.G.MA. Group can supply a truly comprehensive range of refractories thanks to cooperation with sp (...)

JCL Engineering to exhibit at Iran Glass 2017

Mon 06-03-2017 | JCL will display its services for glass moulds design and manufacturing at Iran Glass 2017, which wi (...)

Stara Glass bets on Iran Glass 2017

Fri 03-03-2017 | The company specialises in providing refractories for the construction of glass furnaces. (...)

Forma Glas joins Iran Glass 2017

Wed 01-03-2017 | The Austrian company has included the glass industry event for Iran in its 2017 exhibition programme (...)

ADI to participate in Iran Glass 2017

Tue 28-02-2017 | ADI will present its range of diamond tools for the glass industry at Iran Glass 2017. (...)

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