Six Sigma and Lean systems – separating the wheat from the chaff

2013-02-20 | Autoglass

Industries are developing fast and competitiveness goes hand in hand with this development. Being competitive no longer means only to manufacture more or faster, it also concentrates on quality first and foremost, but also on process management and costs, and even waste. In this article, Safety Glass Experts give us a basic idea on how to deal with these aspects of today’s glass manufacture and processing.

Safety Glass Experts International provides training for process and product monitoring systems using LEAN and Sig Sigma philosophy
The automotive glass industry is a very demanding sector in terms of requirements and operations, and its varying requirements and needs call for measures from both vehicle makers as well as glass manufacturers. A number of competitive factors within the industry have given rise to the creation of qualitative methods and tools that have laid the foundations for several manufacturing process management systems and a financially sustainable industry. From a production perspective, there are distinct differences between glass manufacturers, with the most significant operational differences found in how glass manufacturers manage their processes and quality. Most glass manufacturers do, however, correctly allocate their resources while still having room to improve their operations management. Although products are subject to various requirements and applications, all operations should be expected to follow the principles of producing good glass parts that meet customer requirements. In addition, appropriate monitoring systems should be implemented for the sector, and this is why vehicle makers are increasingly requiring their glass parts suppliers to implement Six Sigma and Lean. In fact, in some cases it is a pre-requisite for cooperation.
The quality and process management methods commonly used by glass manufacturers give them a clear advantage over other players. The practices and culture maintained by glass manufacturers are reminiscent of the operations of car...

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